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How to Measure a Kilt

Kilt Measurements

Important: When taking measurements you will need someone to help as it is required that you stand straight and face forward with your feet together. Please do not look down.

How to Measure a Kilt

The Waist Measurement should be taken at the level of the navel. Take a tight measurement. This is usually taken 2 inches higher than your hip bone or 2 inches higher from where your trousers are usually worn.

The Seat Measurement is a looser measurement over trousers at the widest part of your hip. Ensure that your pockets are empty and your feet are kept together. Initially take a tight measurment around the hips and then add 2" of excess. (Only applicable to kilt making – not kilt hire)

The length measurement should be from the top of the hip bone to the top of the kneecap or mid knee as required. Remember that the kilt should not be worn too long. We also need your height and chest measurements.

Please note your proper height is the most important measurement to have exact.

By far the easiest and most reliable way of taking a jacket measurement is to look at a label from one of your *formal jackets that fits you perfectly and use the same measurement. If you don't have a suitable jacket you can the following instructions. Once again it is best to get someone to do this for you.

Chest measurements should be taken at the widest or fullest part of the chest.

This is normally under arms and over your shoulder blades. Your arms should be allowed to hang loosely by your side whilst taking this measurement. Also please ensure that the horizontal line of the measuring tape is approximately parallel to the floor surface when reading your final measurement.

The actual measurement should be loose. You should be able to fit a finger or two behind the tape whilst the measurement is being taken.

* Note: you should not measure across the chest of an existing jacket to get your size. Jackets are made with an extra 2 to 3 inches of material for chest expansion whilst breathing and general movement.

Please note your proper height is the most important measurement to have exact. Feel free to call or email us for clarification.

Other Measurements / Details Required for a full Outfit Hire or Purchase are:


  • Waist Size (a tight measurement around the navel)
  • Shoe Size (Either European or U.K sizing)
  • Collar Size – if required (only available as a purchase item)
  • Overall Height (Please note your proper height is the most important measurement to have exact)
  • Sleeve Length – Jackets can be short, regular, long and extra long. Use previous experiences when purchasing jackets to judge your sleeve length. We will be able to help with this if you are able to give your exact height.
  • Sock Colour (Cream, Black or Charcoal)
  • Tartan Choice
  • Jacket Style Choice
  • Cream or Black Dress Sporran or Casual Daywear Sporran
  • Belt and Buckle - if required (not advised when wearing a waistcoat)
  • Type of Neck Wear – Bow Tie, Straight Tie or Ruche Tie (specify tie colour)